A Message from the Director of Education, Patricia Preston

The Multi-Year Strategic Plan is the culmination of over two years of thoughtful reflection, research and focused planning led by the Board’s Strategic Planning Advisory and Steering Committee. In the spring of 2014, we reached out to our various stakeholder groups to gain a wider perspective on the most effective and important aspects of delivering the K-12 curriculum in our Catholic schools. This feedback was invaluable and helped inform the development of our Multi-Year Strategic Plan, which was launched in October 2014.

Our new Multi-Year Strategic Plan clearly identifies our Board’s Mission, Vision, Core Values, and our Commitments for the next three years. This plan serves to guide all decision-making, and allows our Board to leverage our resources to best achieve our focus on student achievement and well-being.

Visit our website at http://www.ycdsb.ca/strategicplan/ to learn more about our goals and initiatives, and the meaning and reflections behind our Mission and Vision. You can also listen to how our students have embraced our Core Values.

Together, we are inspiring excellence in education for all students in York Catholic.